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Internet Radio : How many radio stations stream talk radio on the internet?

The FCC lists over 13,000 registered US radio stations and many of these stations stream their broadcast 24 hour a day. Most nationally syndicated talk radio shows such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dr Laura, Michael Savage, Tom Joyner, Dennis Miller, and Neal Boortz are streamed live on the internet. Because radio stations operate in different time zones, some radio stations shift the broadcast time of these radio talk shows. Streamhog has compiled a database of these free online radio stations and their broadcast schedules so that internet radio listeners can hear to their favorite talk radio shows at different times during the day.

Chicago radio stations, Atlanta radio stations, New York radio stations, Los Angeles radio stations, and stations in other large markets all offer free internet streaming of their broadcasts. Many smaller market stations also stream talk radio.

What is the Streamhog Talk Radio Recorder?

The streamhog talk radio recorder is a free application which can be downloaded be pressing the record button located on the radio faceplace at the top of this page. The recorder allows talk radio listeners to easily record the streaming broadcasts of their favorite talk radio shows so that can listen to the show at anytime. Listeners who work during the day and are force to miss there favorite shows will find the recorder particularly useful.

So whether you want to hear the no nonsense advice of Dr Laura, or you're a dittohead and want to listen to Rush Limbaugh, or you can't wait to hear what controversy Michael Savage will start next, or you think that Sean Hannity is a great American, you can listen to them all streamed free online on stations like New York radio station WABC or Chicago radio station WGN or Atlanta radio station WSB or Los Angeles radio station KFI.

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